About me

I am inspired by the colours and textures of the landscape around me. My grandmother taught me a love of nature and its colours when I was a child and since then I have always been influenced by colour. However, my artistic attempts were not encouraged at school, and it was not until much later that I began painting in order to record my responses to the landscapes which ‘grab’ me.
working in my studio

I have my sketching equipment with me all the time: trudging across Dartmoor, terrified atop the London Eye, wandering the streets of Paris, struggling up a Bulgarian mountain, relaxing in a Greek harbour-side taverna, trying to stay upright on the heaving deck of a ship, exploring ports of call, and never bored while waiting for trains, planes and buses. I spend just a few minutes on each sketch to grab the essence of the scene and they are not meant to be works of art. A bonus of even just a few minutes sketching is that you become fully aware of the scene, not just of what you see but the sounds and smells too. Another bonus is the people I meet, some who stay to chat, tell me about the place or guide me to more views. All of this adds up to making sketches more evocative than photographs.

Back at home I use these sketches to create paintings full of colour and memories of the places I have been. I work mostly in watercolour, but not in a traditional way. I usually start a work with a light wash of watercolour or acrylic ink in colours to reflect the mood of the painting and maybe add some texture effects. On days when I can’t think what to paint or where to start I will spend time ‘playing’ with paint effects. What will happen if? – I use a mono-print method, or paint through tissue paper, or add some salt - then wait to see what the results suggest: a summer hedgerow, moody Dartmoor, towering snow-covered arctic mountains.
playing with colour

I sell my work at exhibitions, local venues and art fairs. There are examples of my work in collections locally and further afield, as far as New York, Uganda and Australia.