Painting during Lockdown

What a strange time to be living in! Although we have been in lockdown and forced to say at home (except for all the wonderful and dedicated keyworkers), this time has given me a sense of freedom to spread the wings of my imagination and memory. And to be honest being forced to stay at home has meant I could be in my studio much more which is a bonus.

The Quagmire
I have been doing a lot of playing in my studio – playing with ideas, playing with colour, playing with methods using watercolour and various media. Some have worked – some definitely haven’t – others I’m not sure about.

Social distancing has got me thinking. What is distance? I have been working on a series of paintings reflecting my impressions of the immenseness of distance, inspired by Caspar David Friedrich's painting of ‘The Wanderer’. Was he wondering what was out there? At the moment I am wondering where we were going in an unknown confusing territory, which I am reflecting in other paintings.
Where is the Horizon

I shall be showing many of these paintings and my experiments with colour and various media during Devon Open Studios from 12th to 27th September.